"Look at the people of the Prophet’s family. Adhere to their direction. Follow their footsteps because they would never let you out of guidance, and never throw you into destruction. If they sit down, you sit down, and if they rise up you rise up. Do not go ahead of them, as you would thereby go astray and go not lag behind them as you would thereby be ruined."
Imam Ali (as)
→Filipinos Celebrated Easter by Crucifying a Bunch of People Again | VICE News

We live in a world where the Truth is irrelevant, and perception is everything.  

Just started watching House of Cards. 
"If men knew what was in seeking knowledge, they would seek it even through shedding blood and wading into the depth of the seas."
Imam Zain al-Abedin (ع) al-Mahjja al-Bayda v. 1, p. 26 (via shiaislam)

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Why does all of LA smell like weed today?


Check out the site for Matchbox as part of USC’s First Film Festival. It includes a few photos and the trailer to the film. 

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