How would you know if the two of you click or not, does it take you one conversation? Or many?
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Hmm good question. I think it would take more than one convo but after a while I think you can just tell if this is someone you can see yourself with in the future or not you know. Also there are things that are important to me in terms of world view, religious views, and even the way I eat (halal). These things are important to take into consideration because I don’t want someone from a completely different world than me.

not the same anon, but i'm curious now.. what are you looking for in a "person"?
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Idk, a lot. It either clicks or does’nt I think.

Sorry for the short answer, I’m at work and can’t write a detailed answer.
Ok, so what if someone was interested in you?
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Unless I’m interested in them then nothing. I don’t talk to many people, or go out, or even socialize much other than work and family. So it would take a lot for me to not only be interested in someone, but to also pursue them. Mainly because if i personally don’t see a future in it then I’m not going to waste either of our time.

Senegalese are beaaaaaaautiful, when they are beautiful. And they are... when they are (lol)! Algerian are beautiful too ! And Malians
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Bruh u just made me dizzy

Are you looking to get married? Cuz I got an Iraqi friend........
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The nationality of a woman is one of the least important factors when it comes to choosing a potential life partner. I’m too American for most Iraqis and too Iraqi for most Americans. There’s a lot more I’m looking for in a person.

Just started watching this show. I’m hooked.
u single doe or..?
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Single until marriage homie

You think you're deep but you're just pretentious. Calmaté
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I think we all come off as pretentious if we base our views of each other on something as shallow as a social media page, but hey thanks for the message homie. ✌️


its lady and the tramp spaghetti scene

B. Y. E