i recognize that israel is doing some seriously horrifying things to palestinians. but from what i understand, hamas is a real threat they are being funded underground by major nations who hate Israel understandably or otherwise. israel is surrounded by hundredsd of millions of people who hate them, people who have and do hate jews even if &b4 israel was a state. so you cant pretend that there is no threat at all to jews.
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I’m not going to talk about the first part of this ask, because there have been a million answers regarding it and I feel like I wouldn’t be adding anything new. Instead, I want to address the second part of this ask.

Israel and western media have been really successful in creating this dichotomy between Muslims and Jews. If you only listen to mainstream media for your news, you’d think that Muslims and Jews have been enemies since the dawn of time. This is absolutely 100% false.

While the Jewish communities in Europe were suffering from pogroms, huge Jewish communities thrived in the Arab and Islamic world. There was a massive Jewish community in the Maghreb Area, and other smaller ones in Egypt, Iraq and Yemen. Maimonides, one of the most famous and influential Jewish philosophers, physicians and Torah scholars lived and flourished in the Islamic world all his life.

I’m not saying it was all rainbows and sunshine, but there is no natural enmity between Muslims and Jews.

This is why it angers me when people try to claim the issue of Palestine as a religious one, or that of a holy war between Islam and Judaism. When people say this, know instantly that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Zionism started as a secular movement, and originally wasn’t even going to be in Palestine, or even have Hebrew as its national language.

It’s not a coincidence that the first significant clashes and violence between Zionists and Palestinians only happened following the 1917 Balfour Declaration (Basically the British promising the Zionists a homeland in Palestine) and it becoming clear that the Zionist immigrants wanted the land for themselves.

The reason Israels neighbors hate it, is because it’s a settler colonial state embedded in their midst. They hate it, because to exist, it had to engage in ethnic cleansing and war crimes. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with Judaism. Israel does not represent Judaism.

And it’s also not a Muslim thing. Do Israeli bullets differentiate between Palestinians? Palestinian Christians, Druze and of every other faith are equally oppressed under Israeli occupation, and have all taken part in resistance against Israel. Framing Palestine as a Muslim thing is erasing of all non-Muslim Palestinians and should really stop.

Everyone hates a bully.

And Israel is basically the Dudley Dursley of the Middle East.

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"We all watch the same television programs,” the mouth [Fertility] says. “We all hear the same things on the radio, we all repeat the same talk to each other. There are no surprises left. There’s just more of the same. Reruns."
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You've been asked so many of these questions a thousand times over the years.
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Lol yeah I’m not really sure why they want to know.

Would you be interested in marrying a girl who is not Iraqi? Just wondering what your views are
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