Watching the eid sermon live from the Imam Hussein shrine in Kerbala.

ISIS bombed the tomb of Prophet Seth in Iraq. Destroying humanity isn’t enough, ISIS is destroying our heritage. These are ancient historical sites, and just like that they’re gone.

Beware of all the liars and hypocrites on this site spreading false information and fitna.

Rest in peace to my homeland.


Forgotten and forsaken by the world.

We still scream from the daggers our fellow Arabs stabbed in our backs.

Rest in peace to my homeland, where you are killed because of your name.

The “activists” wave their flags, but I see no one waving your flag.

The “pious” pray for peace, but I see no one praying for you.

The “nationalists” sing songs of brotherhood, but we are no brothers to them.

Rest in peace to my homeland, because I may be the last one still hurting over you.


Something I wrote a year ago. Just as relevant today as it was then.

In case you didn’t know. They bomb a house of God, an ancient mosque for a Prophet of God, and have the audacity to shout Allahu Akbar. What sick and twisted version of religion did these guys get?! Oh..waha—…oh ok ok that makes sense.
In my country dies who doesn’t deserve to die under the hands of those who don’t deserve to live.

Thoughts and prayers to all my brothers on the front lines in Iraq, fighting off foreign terrorists and traitors all while fasting in the brutal summer heat of Iraq. No one is protesting in solidarity with you. No hashtags. No banners. Despite all that I pray to God to keep you all standing strong, and to send those bearded rats to the depths of hell where they belong.


“Even if you burned all the churches in the world, you won’t be able to remove the verse of Mary from the Quran.”
Just because you’re still in denial, don’t expect me to ever silence myself to comfort your ignorance.
Meanwhile in Mosul.