"We are with you, people of Palestine, in Dua and Prayer." - From the Shi’a of Iraq, at the Imam Hussein shrine in Kerbala. 

Palestinians from Jerusalem replied: “From Masjid Al-Aqsa to the Shia of Iraq, peace to you.”
How do you feel about the natives of iraq, the christians?
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Assyrians and Chaldeans have been in Iraq longer than any other group, and there’s a long history of respect between Christians and Muslims in Iraq. During Muharram and Ashura, many Christian churches raise the banner of Imam Hussein (as), and during Christmas we respect and join in their joy. God-willing, ISIS will pay for what they’ve done to the Christians in Mosul. They’re an integral part of the diverse Iraqi society, and we won’t allow anyone to persecute them in the name of a religion whose Prophet greatly respected people of the book. 

This is what happens when these scumbags take over. I lived in Syria for years, and these monsters are destroying it. Look at them, they all look like devil worshipers. They stone a woman for “adultery” then go rape dozens of women and call it “jihad sex”. Tfou. Is this your “revolution”?

If you’re a Muslim and you choose to play dumb when it comes to ISIS and remain silent, then I will remind you of the same things you people have been saying in regards to Palestine and Israel. If you’re silent in times of injustice and oppression, then you have taken the side of the oppressor. Stop turning a blind eye, and stand up to this cancer that’s plaguing our region. 

→ISIS threatens Iraqi Christians in Mosul

Irony: Foreign Wahabi terrorists telling Iraqi Christians to convert or die. Do these Saudi-exported scum of the Earth not realize that Iraq’s Christians have been there longer and have more right to the land than any other group in Iraq? If these psychopaths wanted to establish a “caliphate” why the hell don’t they go back to Saudi Arabia and establish it there? WHY US?! I swear to God, if the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were here today, he would declare war against these ISIS murderers. This is NOT Islam. Muslims and Christians have co-existed in Iraq longer than Iraq has been a nation. God-willing the Army destroys these rats and sends their parts back to their Saudi king. 

Jordan has hosted a “Sunni conference” and they claimed that ISIS is part of a “popular Sunni revolt”. Iraq responded by withdrawing its ambassador in Jordan. Once again they’ve aligned themselves with terrorists. In case anyone ever wondered who the sectarians are, this conference showed it. One side is trying to hold the country together, and the other is trying to break it apart. If you support ISIS, or you’re a saddamist scum, or support this so called “Sunni revolt” then get off my page and unfollow me now. Damn traitors everywhere.

Saudi terrorists goes to blow up civilians, Norwegian doctor comes to save them. What a difference.