The top two finalists are both Iraqi so either way we won, so congrats to my two favorite singers on the show and congrats to Satar Saad for winning The Voice along with his coach Iraqi legend Kathim Al-Saher. We’re a country of many talents, and inshallah we continue to rise up in all areas of life from sports to music and of course cinema ;)

→Filmmaker Mohammed Al-Daradji | Facebook

Award-Winning Iraqi filmmaker Mohammed Al-Daradji, speaking in memory of the 1991 Iraqi Intifadha against the tyrant Saddam, exposes corrupt politicians who have waged a dirty war and smear campaign against him and his films which expose the crimes of the previous regime. He calls these rats out by name. They’ve done everything from trying to take 10 % of the money into their own pockets to contacting international film festivals in order to get his films to stop from screening. He’s incredibly brave for calling them out and essentially risking his own life. God knows how corrupt these rats are. Mohammed Al-Daradji has literally paved the way for the next generation of Iraqi filmmakers. He’s done everything from making films about the 1991 Intifadha with his films Son of Babylon and Under The Sands of Babylon, to covering the struggle of Iraqi orphans with his documentary In My Mother’s Arms. I salute Mohammed Al-Daradji and I stand with him and other Iraqi filmmakers currently struggling to tell their stories inside Iraq despite all those who attempt to re-write history. 

Iraq’s Younis Mahmoud is one of the football ambassadors in Sydney for the Asian Cup draw. 
My beloved Babylon,

What have the rats and cowards done to you?
bombing in my hometown..sigh…

Suicide bomber blows up innocent civilians in my hometown Hilla (babylon)..

Why? Because we were born into the wrong sect? Because we want peace and life? Where is the ever outspoken “Iraqi tumblr” now? or when it’s our people that die it doesn’t matter. La3nat Allah 3alekom, May God curse every attacker responsible for this. and every scum that supports them.

My martyred uncle Fadhil on the left, brutally killed by Saddam in 1991.
Rest in peace 3amo. You went down as a lion fighting the devil’s sheep.
"And say not of those who are slain in the way of God: "They are dead." Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not." - Holy Quran

I just watched a video recorded in the late 90s by Saddam’s thugs of Saddam’s son Oday and Saddam’s brother ordering their guards to beat two random policemen to death in broad day light. Their crime? Saddam’s son Oday and his brother rode in separate cars in a convoy and came to a gate. The guard had to decide who to let in first, the devil’s son or his brother. He let in the son and to teach him a lesson they beat him to death. The irony is that they would’ve done the same either way. He looked no older than my age. At one point the two guards beating him at once slowed down, tired from beating the man, and you hear the devil’s brother yell: “Don’t stop until he stops breathing.” I wanted to throw up. He was screaming and begging for mercy and they were having fun. This was life under Saddam and his psychotic family. I’ll say this, from now and until the day I die..I will curse the tyrant Saddam, and the family of Saddam, and the friends of Saddam, and every brainwashed, ignorant, piece of shit human with no honor or dignity who ever loved him or supported him. La3nat Allah 3alekom kelkom. La3nat Allah 3alekom. Never forgive. Never forget. I will never allow you to re-write history.

→A mother who lost her 23 year old son confronts the terrorist responsible for his death.

May God protect Iraq and save my people from these terrorist acts. May God curse and destroy every last Al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorist scum and every brainwashed psychopath who supports them or views them as “jihadists” or “resistance fighters”. No religion on earth, especially not Islam, permits the slaughter of innocent people. Enough is enough. I hope the Iraqi army kills a 1000 terrorists for every innocent Iraqi life they took from their family and loved ones. This video broke my heart. How many mothers have had to cry for their sons? wives for their husbands? parents for their children? Terrorism is a cancer that needs to be eradicated.