Over two months under siege and constantly attacked by ISIS, the resistance of Amerli paid off. Today Iraqi security forces broke the ISIS siege and Amerli stands strong and free. #no2isis #iraq
Picture says a thousand words.

Breaking News: After 80 days under ISIS siege, Amerli is officially free! A joint operation between Iraqi security forces, Peshmerga, and allied Shi’a militias destroyed the ISIS siege preventing the massacre of innocent people. Great news to wake up to!

That Gulf money must be good for him to travel so far just to come kill innocent Iraqis.
Iraqi Army.
Editing the night away. #58secondsfilm #texasfilm #gaza #palestine #iraq #syria #filmforsocialchange
Mosul, a city of millions “fell” to ISIS overnight. Meanwhile, a tiny village of about 15,000 Shia Turkmen have held off ISIS attacks despite being under siege and without proper water and food supplies.
Pray for Amirli

When the Saudis and Saddamists are celebrating what’s happening in Iraq, you know wrong is being done.