The Independent: “Obama becomes fourth president in a row to go on tv and announce Iraq bombings”

I have a feeling this Muharram will be a climactic time in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. They seriously have no idea what’s coming on the tenth day.

Kerbala…all this time later and the battle continues.
Bombings in both Baghdad and Kerbala..
A nation that has Haider Al-Karrar (Imam Ali) won’t fall, only areas that sold their dignity will.

Just finished with the interview. The dude was speaking regular iraqi and I was fine then the second he started recording he flipped into straight up fos7a (Classical Arabic) and I was like ugh…no habla? 😰😳

How embarrassing. I was like a deer in headlights. Hope no one listens to the interview. 😅

Over two months under siege and constantly attacked by ISIS, the resistance of Amerli paid off. Today Iraqi security forces broke the ISIS siege and Amerli stands strong and free. #no2isis #iraq