When the Saudis and Saddamists are celebrating what’s happening in Iraq, you know wrong is being done.

The real life version of House of Cards is happening in Iraq right now.

You got my respect for this one.
Iraqi Air force shooting ISIS targets in order to deliver aid to people on Mount Sinjar

"Iraq is not something that you can cut into pieces. Iraq is a country. And how can you cut a country into pieces? With a saw?"

(James Longley’s Iraq in Fragments)

(Source: tracyko)

Humans of New York is currently posting some incredible photos and stories from Iraq. Check them out!

Salaam! I was wondering if you could paint a whole picture for me of what's going on with the ISIS. As far as I know, they're a a bunch of crazy extremists who are tainting the name of our religion by killing innocent Shias and Christians by the masses. But can you help me understand the background of everything? Tumblr has helped me learn a lot about the situation in Gaza (without having to rely on bias media sources) and so I'd like to learn more about this too. Links would be appreciated(:
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This article does a good job of painting a whole overview covering the origins of ISIS, who they are, and what they want in the region. Check it out and I hope it helps.